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Kaie Tours specialises in cultural tourism by drawing on the traditions, knowledge and skills of people in rural communities in Botswana.

Children learning the bushman's way to light a fire
For example we have a partnership with Kalahari Bushmen who will show you their ancient hunting and food gathering way of life.

Our job, in brief, as a mobile tour operator is to take you into the Kalahari, liaise between you and the Bushmen guides and see that your stay in a remote wilderness environment is comfortable and safe.

People joining our safaris usually slip easily into the relaxed pattern of rural life. In fact many join us to do just that. Our safaris are unhurried and we walk and stay in silent places. Our local guides will help you to focus on the details of plant and animal life, to see the world through their eyes. Personnel

Safari with Kaie Tours
As a small company Kaie Tours provides a 'no frills' but personalised service. Participants have a direct, un-commercialised African experience.

What's in the name?

'Kaie' is the word in local Bushman language for 'steenbuck' which translates into 'diphuduhudu' in Setswana. 'Diphuduhudu' is the name of the Bushman settlement where Kaie Tours started in 1999.

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